Nourison Glistening Nights White 5’x8′ Area Rug


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International designer michael amini takes the art of floor covering to a new level with the quietly spectacular glistening nights collection. Handsome, subtle, unique and intriguing, these minimalist designs deliver maximum impact. Ranging from traditional to contemporary motifs, reinvented by amini’s artful eye, the collection is offered in a warm palette of deep, earthy browns and sparkling greys. Expertly woven with a soft, appealing pile and enriched with a dash of lurex® for gorgeous light-reflective qualities. Bring fresh elegance to a traditional room or understated drama to modern decor with a selection from glistening nights. This unusual design expresses the unique sensibility of home fashion icon michael amini. Aglow with a wash of subtle light, it unites the patina of a fine antique rug with the modern appeal of a minimalist palette. Supremely elegant in warm ivory touched with faun.

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