OIIKI 3.8mm + 4.5mm Security Screwdriver + 2.5mm Screwdriver Set, Game Bits Screwdriver Tool Kit (Pack of 3)


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This set of screwdrivers is a good tool to refurnish your game console or replace the battery. It can be applied to many types of game machines controllers.

4.5mm is suitable for below models game console.
fits for NES Top Loader(NES-101)
fits for SNES-001
fits for SNES-101
fits for GameCube
fits for Sega 32X
fits for Sega GameGear
fits for Sega Nomad
fits for Sega Master System
fits for Sega Genesis (most)

3.8mm is suitable for below models game console.
fits for GameBoy Original
fits for GameBoy Color
fits for Sega Master System
fits for Sega Genesis (few)

Package includes:
1 x 3.8mm screwdriver
1 x 4.5mm screwdriver
1 x 2.5mm screwdriver

Drive Type:
Security Screwdriver

The 2.5mm screwdriver with plastic handle: 4.22”
3.8mm & 4.5mm security screwdriver: 1.97”

The screwdriver set comes with a 3.8mm security screwdriver, a 4.5 mm security screwdriver, a 2.5mm screwdriver are for dismantling and refurnishing cartridges/consoles or replacing battery. These screwdrivers could extract and strip out the screws easily.
3.8mm opens game cartridges fits for Original (NES), Super (SNES), Original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Sega Genesis.
4.5mm bit opens game cartridges fits for Game Cube, Nomad, Virtural Boy, Game Gear, TurboGrafx 16, and Turbo Duo, as well as for Sega Genesis, Sega Master System, and Sega 32X.
2.5mm Screwdriver Tool fits for Wii, NDS, NDSL, DS Lite, GCN, GBA, Game Boy Advance, durable strong hardened steel, heat treated for maximum strength. A high-quality screwdriver, which could ensure firm contact and no slip in the screwed.
Allows for opening many models of games to clean internal and replace battery. Screwdriver bits are made of steel, its perfect size worked fine for disassembling / reassembling game controllers, really a good choice for game collector.

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