Flattening Stone for Re-Leveling Sharpening Stones or Waterstones, Re-Level Whetstone Fixer Tool Grinding Stone

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Material: silicon carbide, SIZE: 180*60*25mm
Each stone is checked to be 100% flat before shipping,flatten and refresh your whetstone surface in perfect confition.
Cut grooves design,remove the useless material or remaining embedded steel particles from your whetstone quickly.

A simple way to make sure you’ve treated the whole surface of your sharpening stone is to draw a grid with a pencil on the stone. Wet with water or oil as appropriate, then rub with the flattening stone until all the marks have disappeared and the stone is level.

Following below instruction, you will get a perfect result:
1: Soak your whetstone and flattening stone in water for 10-15 minutes. You could also start flatten without water, but in order to get a better result, soaking is important
2: Draw lines with a pencil on the surface of whetstone
3: Put the flattening stone on whetstone and move it with medium pressure
4: To get a perfect result, please keep adding water to the surface of whetstone during the flatten process. It will wash the powder away which occurred in previous steps and makes a better result
5: Checking the line, the stone is flat again when all lines disappeared

The flattening stone’s coarse grit silicon carbide surface is designed to precisely repair and level your Sharpening Stones, Maintaining a flat and level whetstone
Our repair stone with factory precision cut grooves that are specially designed to collect material removed from your whetstone. This unique groove feature provides a much more accurate leveling process.
SIZE: 180*60*25mm, silicon carbide material and perfectly proportioned dimensions to ensure that your whetstone will quickly return to its original condition.
The flattener stone quickly and easily removes any remaining embedded particles from previous knife sharpening operations.
If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, just contact us and we will quickly make it right, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

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