Tormek TT-50 Truing and Dressing Tool – Keeps your Stone Round and Flat


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(as of Jan 12,2023 08:22:20 UTC – Details)

With this unique diamond truing tool, you can true and dress your grindstone exactly round and flat. You can conveniently, and without pressing with your thumbs, feed the diamond cutter across the stone. You achieve an even feeding by alternately turning the two knobs with both your hands. The feed can be made in both directions. Thanks to the controlled feed, you get an even and flat stone surface with no ridges. There is no need to flatten afterwards with. The slower you feed, the finer the surface you will achieve. A traverse time of 90 seconds across the stone gives you a good finish with hardly any visible grooves. For use with the Tormek T-8 and T-4 sharpening systems.
Trues the Grindstone Exactly Round and Flat
Mounts and Locks Easily on the Universal Support
Without Pressing with your Thumbs, Feed the Diamond Cutter across the Stone
Even and Flat Stone Suface with No Ridges
The Slower you Feed, the Finer Surface you’ll Achieve

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