YUFUTOL 2″ Face Radius R-50mm Wood Working Carbide Cutter inserts(15X15X2.5-4 edge corner radius,Pack of 10 with 10pcs Screws, Fits Planer/Helical Cutter Head and Wood Turning Tools


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The woodworking radius face and round edge Solid Carbide Insert Knives are offered in pack of 10 standard sizes:15X15x2.5mm,with 4 cutting edges, 2” face radius and round edges,They are sharpened to a razor edge on four sides that have a slight curve with a 50mm radius. It can be rotated to a new razor edge as 1 side becomes dull. Both fits for helical planer cutter head to general purpose wood, chipboard, plywood,MDF/HDF, you can also used on woodturning chisels and other hand tools (For DIY Wood Turning hobbyist)

Dimentions: 15mmX15mmX2.5mm-R50

Type: Face Radius, Round Edge, 4-edge, Square

Material: Solid Tungsten carbide K05

Hardness: 94.5HRA

Other standard size carbide insert avaliable on our amazon shop:

carbide inserts for wood working & turning

Radius face round edge series:

 4” face radius round edge 15x15x2.5-R100

 2″face radius round edge 15x15x2.5-R150

Square Insert Knives – Straight Hole series:

12x12x1.5-35*-4 edge

Straight insert-countersink hole series:

14x14x2.0-30* 14.3×14.3×2.5-30* 14.6×14.6×2.5-30* 15x15x2.5-30* 4 edges

carbide inserts for wood turning:

Round :12mm dia -2.5mm thick-30*

Round :16mm dia-3.0mm thick-30*

Diamond: 28mm X 10mm-30*

We are the manufacturer of tungsten carbide products, all the carbide cutter are well inspected before sending to our customer,More different sizes carbide inserts are coming soon! 

Easy way to find our shop:by searching YUFUTOL on Amazon.com, get more choices of wood working &turning carbide replacement cutter inserts in our amazon shop! Thanks for shopping with YUFUTOL.

K05 solid carbide cutter inserts providing you a better experience and durable use to general purpose wood, chipboard, plywood, MDF/HDF.
Fits both popular helical planer cutter head or woodturning chisels, mount with 10pcs M6-10mm Screws
Easy to replace your jointers and planers, also excellent accessory for wood turning tools
4-edge square shape (15mmX15mm), with radius face -R50mm, round edges,all are of the same sharpness
If 1 knife edge is dull or nicked, just turn it to another edge which greatly reduces you down time.

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