Sierra Designs Sweet Suite 3P Tent

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The Sierra Designs Sweet Suite 3P Tent is a 2 person tent that’s easy to pitch and compact enough to take backpacking. Two doors allow you to set up on either side solo or exit without disturbing your tentmate. Ample mesh venting keeps you cool in dry weather, adding extra airflow even when you need to set up the rain fly. Whether you’re sleeping alone and like the extra space or prefer to bunk up with someone, this tent is versatile enough to handle your favorite terrain. Features of the Sierra Designs Sweet Suit 3P Tent Unique prebent pole geometry creates exceptional interior space at a minimum weight Two-door and two-vestibule design / provides all the space and convenience you need Compact storage size / takes up a minimal space in your pack Fast and easy setup Tent architecture so unique it creates the perfect combination of lightweight, livable space

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