Prestacycle TorqKeys T-Handle Preset Torque Tool – 4Nm


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Prestacycle TorqKeys T-Handle Preset Torque Tool – 4Nm
SIMPLY ACCURATE – Our torque tools use intelligent design for accuracy without the need for expensive calibration. An industrial-grade internal spring manufactured within extremely tight tolerances pre-determines torque setting. The tool does not need to be set into calibration and cannot shift out of calibration.
EASY TO USE – Ergonomic handle fits your palm with a four-finger grip to make wrenching easier. Tool provides an unmistakable 20 degree overrun when the torque limit is reached. Users can be confident knowing they have the correct tension.
FEATURES – Color-coded tension markings on both sides make it a quick-grab on your workbench. 50% thicker walls in the bit shaft make our tools stronger and more reliable than others. They provide Torque relief in the right (clockwise) screw tightening direction, and hold firm in the left (counterclockwise) unscrew direction. You can unscrew fittings that were just tightened with the TorqKeys.
HIGHLY DURABLE – TorqKeys will not break or loose accuracy from normal drops or if used for un-screwing.
NOTE – Do not use TorqKeys to remove stuck, damaged, rusted or over-tightened fittings.

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