Mounting Track Base Add On for the Tool Rest Sharpening Jig


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Mounting Track Base Add On for the Tool Rest Sharpening Jig
If you already own one of the Tool Rest Sharpening Jigs, then you know how versatile it is. Being able to accurately hone your tools can certainly be satisfying. Sometimes though it would be nice if we could have the ability to move the sharpening jig to the other side of the bench grinder to sharpen your tools with a different grit wheel.
Now, with an extra Mounting Track Base you can have a mounting track for each of your two wheels on your grinder! Once both Mounting Tracks have been installed, all you have to do is slide the Sharpening Jig into one side or the other and start sharpening!
When you’re done with one grit for your tool, simply loosen the sharpening jig knob, slide the jig out and then slide the jig back into the other side! It literally takes seconds to switch from one wheel to another! This makes the Tools Rest Sharpening Jig even more versatile than it already is!
Made from the exact same extruded aluminum material as the original Mounting Track. The Mounting Track not only allows quick switch outs but it also allows you to quickly adjust the jig forward or backward depending on what type of tool you are sharpening.
If you already own the jig, then you owe to yourself to get at least one Mounting Track, if you are thinking about purchasing the Tool Rest Sharpening Jig, then we encourage you to consider getting an extra Mounting Track to conveniently work both wheels on your grinder. The Mounting Track is installed using four wood screws which are included.

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