HUDAMZKY Electric Bike Brushless Motor 26A/30A Sine Wave Controller Adaptation 750W/1000W Motor with LCD S866 Display/Thuumb Throttle and PAS for Electric Bike Accessories…


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Packaging list: 

  • 1 * Sine wave controller
  • 1 * LCD S866 monitor
  • 1*Thumb Throttle
  • 1*PAS

Simple error code troubleshooting method:

  • E07 motor malfunction, usually it is necessary to check if the cable sequence of the motor and controller is consistent (if the motor is not connected, E07 error may also occur)
  • E08 throttle malfunction. Generally, it is necessary to check whether the throttle connector is properly connected (E08 error can also occur if the throttle is not connected)

General parameter settings:

  • P03: Adjust voltage, 24V/36V/48V
  • P06: Wheel diameter size setting, unit inch

Display: S866 LCD display, complete workmanship display parameters, such as: battery voltage, speed display, gear display, subtotal mileage, total mileage, etc.
A variety of parameters can be adjusted: P parameters can be displayed to adjust the actual situation of the bicycle, such as the brightness of the backlight, the number of gears, the battery voltage, the size of the wheel, the number of power-assisted magnetic points
Accelerator: The thumbstick can be installed on the left or right hand side according to the customer’s preference, with smooth acceleration and quick return
PAS: The package contains an 8-magnet PAS, which can be installed if necessary. If you do not need to install PAS, it will not affect the use

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