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The GoPro Supercharger is a charger for your GoPro. It’s super though, ’cause this one will let you charge two GoPro cameras at once. That’s pretty neat, now you can sleep soundly since you know your camera will be ready for the next day. It’s also an international Dual-port charger, so if you’re in the US, UK, EU and AU, you can still plug it in and charge up. Features of the GoPro Supercharger The 27.5W charger charges up to two GoPro devices at once The USB-C port charges fast-charge compatible GoPro devices up to 20 to 70x faster than a conventional charger Continuously power your GoPro during longer captures, like time lapse photography Works with most devices that can be charged via USB What’s Included: 3A USB-C to USB-C Cable 1.5ft Supercharger (International Dual-Port Charger) AC plugs for US, UK, EU and AU style wall sockets Already have a GoPro? Check their CAMERA SOFTWAre UPDATES to make sure yours is up to date.

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