GoPro Shorty Tripod


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Lightweight and compact, the GoPro Shorty TriPod is a pocketable camera stand that you can bring along wherever you go. This sturdy triPod allows you to enhance the quality of your content, just attach any GoPro camera to the mount and set up a steady, fine-tuned frame. It’s a useful tool for unique angles, time-lapses, and group shots, and you can also adjust the height or use it as a handheld monoPod if your position isn’t fixed. Features of the GoPro Shorty TriPod The pocket-size Shorty (4.6 in.) is the perfect partner for on-the-go activities, travel and more Extend Shorty up to 8.9 in. for group shots, selfies and other hard-to-reach angles Prop Shorty up on any level surface with its built-in triPod Already have a GoPro? Check their CAMERA SOFTWAre UPDATES to make sure yours is up to date.


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