Electric Bicycle Display 36V 48V,KT LED-880 E Bike Display Matches Controller for Ebike Accessories


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  1. The brand of this monitor is KT and it only matches the KT controller. Please confirm whether your controller is KT brand before placing an order.
  2. The LED880 WP cable is approximately 21 cm long. If you want to connect a controller, you need a 1to4 cable.


  • Type: KT-LED880 Display
  • Voltage: 36V, 48V
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 250 grams
  • Grip Size: 22.2mm
  • Cable length: SM connector, about 180cm, switch button, about 27cm, WP connector, about 21cm, switch button, about 27cm

This electric bike LED display can meet basic needs and is compatible with 36V/48V lithium battery electric bike kit
KT LED880 electric bicycle display screen uses LED lamp beads to display information such as speed and battery power
The MADE button on the display panel can adjust the gear of the PAS. After long pressing the “6 km/h” button, the auxiliary push function can be activated, which is very labor-saving when pushing the cart.
When battery power capacity is greater than 80%, all 4 LED indicator are lit. When the battery capacities drop, the indicators are off in order. When the power capacity is less than 20%, the last indicator is flashing (L side). When the controller is under-voltage protection, all 4 LED indicators are power off, which means that the vehicle is currently shutdown due.
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