Easy Wood Tools (9520) – Easy Start Rougher – Designed to remove bulk material fast


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Easy Start is a perfect place for newbies as well as those looking for tools needed for small projects. With black oxide toolbars, a steel ferrule, and maple handles, these are economically ideal for beginners. School shops love them too. Great for pens, wine stoppers, blade handles, and small bowls or shapes. All tools come with a fresh standard carbide cutter already installed and a hex key that fits the mounting screw. Easy Start Tools, which allow woodturners of any skill level to begin using quality carbide tools at a low start-up cost. The Easy Start Rougher (removes bulk material fast and efficiently) features a 3/8″ x 3-1/2″ long square steel tool bar with a protective black oxide finish, a 9″ maple handle with a traditional style grip, and best of all it utilizes genuine EWT replacement cutters – the same cutters that are used on the premium EWT mini tools. The cutters are designed so that you do not have to “find the bevel” when turning. Simply advance the tool slowly into the workpiece and begin cutting straight in, or sweep the cutter from left to right, or right to left. You will find this tool invaluable for those smaller more intricate turnings, such as pens, ornaments and smaller bowls.
Ergonomic American Maple Hardwood Handle: 9” long | Tool Bars: 3/8” X 3.5” | Overall Length: 12.5” | Max Reach: 2”. Comes with a Ci2 Square Carbide Cutter and wrench for cutter
This is a great beginners tool and economically priced to enter into wood turning.
Only Use Genuine Easy Wood Tools Replacement Cutters: Ci2-Sq or Ci2-R2 Sq (2″ radius ground on 4 turning flats) or Ci2-R2-NR Patented Negative Rake Carbide Cutter. Negative Rake Cutters are excellent for turning Resins, Acrylics and other man-made materials.
No sharpening: Never sharpen your tools again! When one side of the cutter gets dull, just rotate it to a new surface. When you’ve used all the sides, simply replace it with a new cutter. Safer: Our square tool bar design and resultant turning geometry means fewer catches and kick-backs.
Designed and Manufactured 100% in the USA

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