Dremel 687-01 52-Piece All-Purpose Rotary Tool Accessory Kit- Includes a Carving Bit, Sanding Drums, Grinding Stones, Cutting Discs, and a Storage Case , Gray


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[ad_1] Make the most of your Dremel rotary tools by using our innovative & extensive line of rotary accessories and attachments. Whatever your project, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Dremel accessories fit inside your rotary tool to extend it’s versatility. Whether you’re looking to carve, engrave, cut, sand or grind, there is a Dremel accessory to get the job done with pinpoint precision. That’s why our purpose-built Dremel accessories let you get your project right down to the last detail. Dremel accessories are also color-coded into usage categories to make it easier for you to select the right accessory for your project. Getting started with your Dremel rotary tool has become a whole lot simpler. The versatile 52-piece General Purpose accessory set includes an assortment of high-quality accessories to get you started with your Dremel rotary tool to cut, grind, carve, engrave, shape, sand, polish and more! Set includes a reusable storage case for easy organization of the included bits. Compatible with all Dremel corded and cordless rotary tools. There’s no need to hunt for the right collet, all Dremel rotary accessories feature a 1/8” standard shank.
Ideal for cutting, sanding, polishing, grinding, engraving or carving. The Dremel 52-piece General Purpose Accessory set is the complete start-up kit you need to complete a wide range of projects
Accessory set includes a reusable storage case for easy organization of the included bits
Carving/Engraving accessories: 194 1/8″ Carving Bit (x1)
Grinding/Sharpening accessories: 952 3/8″ Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone (x1), 85422 25/32″ Silicon Carbide Grinding Stone (x1)
Cutting accessories: 426 1-1/4″ Fiberglass-Reinforced Cut-Off Wheel (x1)
Cleaning & Polishing: 421 Polishing Compound (x1), 414 1/2″ Felt Polishing Wheel (x2), 429 1″ Felt Polishing Wheel (x2), 403 3/4″ Bristle Brush (x1)
Sanding accessories: 409 15/16″ Emery Cut-Off Wheel (x36), 407 1/2″ Drum Sander (x1), 408 1/2″ 60 Grit Sanding Band (x1), 432 1/2″ 120 Grit Sanding Band (x2) Includes 401 Mandrel (x1) & 402 Mandrel (x1)
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