Dremel 426B Fiberglass Reinforced Cut-off Wheels, 1/32-Inch (0.8 mm) Wheel Diameter, Rotary Tool Cutting Disc Accessory, 20 Pieces , Silver


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Make the most of your Dremel rotary tools by using our innovative & extensive line of rotary accessories and attachments. Whatever your project, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Dremel accessories fit inside your rotary tool to extend it’s versatility. Whether you’re looking to carve, engrave, cut, sand or grind, there is a Dremel accessory to get the job done with pinpoint precision. That’s why our purpose-built Dremel accessories let you get your project right down to the last detail. Dremel accessories are also color-coded into usage categories to make it easier for you to select the right accessory for your project. Reinforced with fiberglass for increased durability the Fiberglass Reinforced Cut-Off Wheels are ideal for slicing, cutting, grooving, and trimming a variety of materials including hard and soft metals, marble, drywall, and plastic. The cutting discs feature a 1-1/4 In. (31.8 mm) diameter and 0.045″ (1.1 mm) thick blade, and can be used to cut or slot bolts, screws, sheet metal, thin wood and plastic. The 426B includes 20 cut-off wheels which are stored in a speed feed dispenser. Compatible with all Dremel corded and cordless rotary tools. There’s no need to hunt for the right collet, all Dremel rotary accessories feature a 1/8” standard shank.
Cut-off Wheels are reinforced with fiberglass for increased durability to cut, trim and groove into a variety of metals including hardened steel
Ideal for easily cutting or slotting bolts, screws or sheet metal, thin wood, ceramic and plastic
Cut-off wheel diameter: 1-1/4″ (31.8 mm), Blade Material: Fiberglass
Pack includes 20 genuine 426 Dremel Fiberglass Reinforced Cut-off Wheels
Dremel accessories are also color-coded into usage categories, to find more Cutting accessories look the Red color code
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