AWP Leather Hammer Holder, Crafted from Genuine Saddle Leather, Compatible with Work Belts Up to 2 ½  Inches Wide, Tool Belt Accessory


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Keep your tools, hardware, and equipment always within arm’s reach with AWP tool rigs, tool belts, and pouches. This Leather Hammer Holder is perfect for those who frequently need easy access to one of their most essential tools while on the jobsite. Crafted from genuine saddle leather and featuring riveted reinforcements, our hammer holder is lightweight yet durable. Easily and securely attach this hammer holder to tool belts as the built-in tunnel loop allows you to run a belt, up to 2 ½ inches wide, through it.
At AWP, we’re committed to crafting innovative and unique products that keep your tools organized and your fasteners secure. Crafted with only high-quality, durable materials and engineered to perform, our rigs, utility belts, suspenders, and clip-on pouches are made to last years of tough usage.
PREMIUM HAMMER HOLDER: Upgrade your tool belt with our Leather Hammer Holder and never waste a moment on the jobsite. Save time and energy by keeping your essential tools organized and within quick reach.
DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Constructed from genuine saddle leather, this hammer holder features riveted reinforcements to ensure maximum, long-term durability and comfort.
SMART DESIGN: This lightweight, one-size-fits-all hammer holder is designed to fit most standard hammers and makes removing or returning equipment easy and comfortable.
EASY TO ATTACH: Our hammer holder can be quickly and easily attached to tool belts as the built-in tunnel loop allows you to run a belt, up to 2 ½ inches wide, through it.
COMPLETE YOUR SETUP: Keep your tools, equipment, and gear organized and get the job done faster with our innovative tool rigs, tool belts, and pouches that are designed exclusively for contractors, technicians, handymen, electricians, and more.

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