AES Industries 711 Wool Polishing, Glazing, Buffing Pad And Bonnet Cleaning Spur Tool

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Quickly and efficiently fluff and clean your old and new wool buffing pads and wool polishing bonnets. The rounded points on the spur are designed to loosen packed wool and remove dry / hardened glaze, polish and compound from the pads surface preparing it properly for its next use in 30 seconds or less!
HANDHELD tool uses an aligned set of 3 spurs with rounded points that will safely break up and pull out dry / hardened glaze, polish and compound.
PREPPING a wool pad is key to a perfect finish, after each time you use a wool pad the hairs becomes “packed”, this spur tool with will fluff up and loosen those “packed” wool hairs and prepare your pad for its next use.
QUICK AND SIMPLE to use and with no need to remove your wool pad or bonnet from the polisher. Run your polisher with pad facing away from you and with light to medium pressure hold the spurs against the pad for up to 30 seconds at a time.
MINIMIZE hand or machine washing your wool pad which can eventually wear the pad out quicker when using this cleaning spur after each time you use your wool pad.

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