52pcs Diamond Mounted Burr Sets for Jade/Stone/Jewelry Making, Engraving, Polishing and Buffing Fit Dremel Rotary Tools


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(as of Feb 25,2023 15:41:14 UTC – Details)

Total: 52pcs; For jade, jewelry, stone, ceramic, steel polishing&buffing, various usagesbrbr
1. impeller: 3*12mm 5pcs; 3*15mm, 5pcs; extension rod, 1pc.(for surface polishing)
2. wood polishing felt: 3*6mm, 3*8mm, 3*10mm, each 2pcs(surface polishing)
3. diamond cutting disc: 20mm, 2pcs; 30mm, 1pcs; extension rod, 2pcs(jade and brglass cutting)
4. sanding head, 3*6mm, 3*8mm, each 2pcs; diamond grinding, 3*6mm, 12pcs;(For grinding, sanding)
5. Polishing paste, 1pc, for lubricating of the product surface, and for fastering the polishing progress, making polishing work easier, keeping the product surface smoother.
Other product details: grinding needle, 2mm head, for punching, 2pcs; normal grinding needle, 2pcs; extra long grinding needle, 1pc.(for jade carving and punching)

Assorted shapes and sizes for impeller ,wool polishing head, diamond cutting disc,diamond burrs,polishing compound
All burrs with a 1/8″ shank – compatible with most die grinders or rotary tools
Work great for jade, jewelry, stone, ceramic, watch, glass,wood,steel polishing&buffing,carving,cutting ,finishing,touch-up and finishing various usages
Highly recommended for jewelers, lapidary use, hobbies, crafts, craft modeling, home repair,DIY engraving hobbies etc.

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