48 Tools – Battery Holder for DeWalt XR Batteries | 20V | Wall Mount | Battery Storage for Truck, Trailer, Van, Workshop, Shelf, Toolbox


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48 Tools Battery Holder to suit DeWalt XR 20V batteries

Use this Battery Holder to easily mount 4x (four) DeWalt XR 20V batteries:

  • onto your wall in the workshop
  • on the side or under your workbench
  • in your truck, van, or trailer
  • inside your toolbox

The batteries “click” in using the existing locking mechanism from the battery. That means the battery holder can be installed in any position and the batteries stay securely in place.

Dimensions: 12-3/4″ x 4″

Note: No Batteries, Screws or Mounting Hardware included

* The 48 Tools DeWalt 20V battery holder is designed to take 4x standard 20V batteries. The wider 20V 3ah and 4ah compact batteries don’t fit next to each other, same as the 60V FLEXVOLT batteries. We also offer a dedicated FLEXVOLT battery holder, spacing is wider between each slot. Ideal for the 60V FLEXVOLT and 20V compact batteries.

Why not buy two, to have a rack each for charged and uncharged batteries?
DESIGNED to fit your Dewalt XR Battery Line
QUALITY … Made from strong ABS injection moulded plastic and with the use of only 4 screws you can easily mount the battery holder to any flat surface at any angle.
SECURED … Your batteries “click” in place using the batteries existing locking mechanism and are easily removed just with one click of the batteries release button.
PROTECTED … Your batteries terminals and port are protected.
STORED … Color coded to match your tools, perfectly space out your batteries, minimal space, eye pleasing.
FLEXIBLE … Quick and easy installation – workshop, truck, trailer, van, toolbox.

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