3/4″ Standard Fine Diamond Grinder Bits Diamond grinding wheel Stained Ceramic Glass Abrasive Tool for Inland Gryphon Delphiglass Glastar Glass Grinder (MCB34)…


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Standard Diamond Grinder Bit 3/4″ diameter
Bit fits all grinders. Standard replacement bit for all Diamond Tech Max grinders. Also fits Inland and Glastar glass grinders, except Glastar G-5.
Model: MCB34
Diamond grinding head is suitable for Inland, Gryphon, Delphiglass, Glastar, glass grinders, and other brand glass grinding machines. (Except Glastar G-5 and other brands)
The drill bit is chromium hardened to improve performance, strength and durability.
Application Range: The glass grinding head adopts the standard frosted design, which is an ideal choice for shaping various shapes of glass, ceramic tiles, stone and other materials.

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