1751 Jet Swet replacement gaskets kit for 1 each of the 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ Jet Swet tools


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This #1751 Jet Swet replacement gasket kit by Brenelle is a kit containing all the needed gaskets, washers and nuts to repair one each of the 1/2", 3/4" and 1" Jet Swet tools. This kit is sold individually packed in a hang-hold punched and labeled bag .

Jet Swets give the plumber the ability to be in complete control of the water system immediately upon arriving at the job. Normally, to repair a faulty valve or pinhole leak for example, the plumber would have to shut off the main water supply and wait for the entire system to completely drain until he could do the repair, for he could not solder with water dripping out of the line. The Jet Swet is an in-line tool that is inserted into the line beyond the repair site and tightened. The expanding gasket seals up to 65 lbs. of pressure immediately. The plumber can then solder or cut off the old valve or section of pipe and solder on a new one right over the Jet Swet tool which is holding back all the water pressure. Jet Swets are capable of withstanding amazing amounts of heat. Once the new component has been added to the system, the Jet Swet can easily be taken out of the pipe through the new component. The Jet Swet allows the plumber to be in complete control of the water system immediately, without waiting for the drip to stop.
Solder without draining the entire water system
Jet Swet in-line temporary plugs hold up to 65 Lbs. of pressure immediately!
Works on most pipe types including copper, pvc, black, steel and stainless pipe
Includes one each of the 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ gaskets, nuts and washers to repair one each of the 1/2″,
Solder right over the tool to repair faulty valves, pinhole leaks, regulatory valves and joints

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