Cleaning your lenses and other high-quality optics can be a real pain in the butt, especially if you don’t use the right tools. No one likes smudges, so we suggest investing in a box of these safe and effective pre-moistened lint and ammonia-free wipes. You will love looking through clean lenses time and time again.

More is Better:

Pre-Moistened lint and ammonia-free wipes that provide thorough cleaning from all kinds of dirt gently by removing fingerprints, dust, oil, and smudges.
Disposable pre-moistened wipes make it quick and easy to safely clean optics lenses.
Does not contain artificial fragrances to safely prevent streaks on eyeglasses and sunglasses.
Non-abrasive, antistatic micro-fine tissue cleaning wipes that leave zero scratches, streaks or marks on eyeglass lenses.
Wipes designed to clean all lenses like sunglasses and eyeglasses.
Include 200 Lens Wipes
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