Your poor feet really take a beating every day.
Just imagine how you would feel being crammed into a tight shoe for hours every day!
When its time to kick off those shoes at home, its a great chance to thank your feet for all their hard work.
Just slip on a pair of these toe separator socks, and instantly feel relief.
These socks offer gentle massaging action to help soothe aching feet, while the toe separators help to prevent foot cramps, alleviate pain, and promote blood circulation by keeping toes apart.
Grab a pair today and show your feet some much-needed love.
Want to know more?
Material: polyester & cotton
Ankle socks with open toes
Toe separators keep toes apart, to help alleviate pain
One size fits most
Available in your choice of Black, White, Pink, or Blue
Final sale
Size Guide:
Heel to Opening: 3″ (unstretched)
Heel to Toe: 6″ (unstretched)
Ankle Circumference: 6.5″ (unstretched)
Width: 3.5″ (unstretched)

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