The original Chillow proudly made in the USA feels immediately cool to the touch. It feels soft and squishy like memory foam and requires no refrigeration or electricity to cool you down. It has a spa-like feel that is relaxing and rejuvenating so that you can bounce back from an injury or a hard day at work. We patented it using smooth, soft Liquid technology using water for its soothing, cooling, non-toxic, heat wicking and releasing properties.

More is Better:

Made in the USA and Imported
Relieves Night Sweats, Hot Flashes, Back Aches, Sore Feet, Fever, Restless Legs, Sunburn, Migraines, and more.
Glove Leather soft exterior instantly cooling to the skin – no latex or hard nylon/polyester
Cool, soft Memory Foam feel
Large, full pillow size. No electricity needed.
Dont be fooled by small imitators – you need a large surface area for maximum cooling capacity.
Uses an evaporative cooling process – the Chillow draws heat from your head and then dissipates it back into the air using its large surface area.
USA Made material. No overseas toxic materials or undisclosed gel ingredients.

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