Suslo Couture shirts are made to go where you go. Dress them up. Dress them down. Be completely yourself and wear them for all the things you do. A Suslo shirt is designed to move and built to last. The moment you put on a Suslo shirt you will turn heads in the room. Dont be boring; make a statement!

More is Better:

The right fabric is all about the feel as well as the look.
Weve forged strong with the finest mills in Europe and around the world to ensure that every Suslo shirt feels as great as it looks.
Each shirt has the texture, touch, pattern, and color that will make you look and feel great.
The first thing youll notice when you put on a Suslo shirt is the excellent fit. Our shirts have a tailored fit-not to tight but not big and boxy either.
Its long enough to tuck in and short enough to keep it tucked out.
Colors: Leopard White, Silver Lines, Black Patterns, Blue Dolphins, Spring Solid Pink, Blue Dots, Spring Solid Beige, Navy Sharks, and White Sharks.

Sleeve Length9″9″9.5″9.5″10″10″

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