Ever wonder why it is a legal requirement in certain European countries to have standing desks in the office? The answer is simple: sitting is the new silent killer.
Sitting for extended periods of time has been proven to be as dangerous to your health as cigarettes, and we can all agree we’re probably better off not smoking.
So why sit for so long? Because you have to for work? Well, here’s your magic pill.. Introducing Stand N’ Type! Its versatile design allows you to set up a standing office wherever you are for the most affordable price.
This offer won’t be available forever. Scroll up now and hit add to cart to enjoy your Stand n Type today.
Boost productivity and improve your health while working
Easily adjust from sitting to standing
Lifetime money back guarantee
Ventilated surface cools laptop and prevents overheating
Stand N Type collection
Product Details
Primary Material: Other
Cable Management: Yes

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