The brilliant Night Stars laser display you love…now equipped with motion-activated light and sound! Kick off the season and surprise your Trick-or-Treaters with the sights and sounds of Halloween-themed effects! Delight your friends and family with dazzling red and green laser light and Christmas songs! Equipped with 360° radar-based motion detection technology, it plays songs and sounds on queue so visitors never miss a note!

Listen to sound here: Christmas, Halloween

Halloween and Christmas Modes

​Halloween Mode 1 : Green laser light – motion sensor activates sound
Halloween Mode 2 : Green laser light- motion sensor activates flashing spotlights and Halloween sounds
Christmas Mode 1 : Red and Green laser light
Christmas Mode 2 : Red and Green laser light – motion sensor activates Christmas music
Special Features:

Projects points of red and green light, LED spotlight, motion activated effects and sounds
Laser(s): Red, Green
LED (Color): 2 White LEDs
Light Display: Select between red and green lasers, motion activated sound and light effects
360° Radar Motion Activation Sensor
Halloween: Motion activated lasers, strobe LEDs
Christmas: Motion activated moving lasers and holiday music
Christmas Songs include Deck the Halls, Jingle Bells, and Silent Night
Halloween sounds include Creepy Screams, Eerie Shrieks, and Spooky Cave
Coverage: 3,000 Square Feet
Timer Settings: Automatic 4 hour daily timer
Flash Settings: Optional flashing lasers with speed control
Unit Control Panel: Power/Mode button, Speed, and Volume controls on back
Remote: N/A
Housing Material: Durable ABS Plastic
Spike / Mounting Plate Material: Cast Aluminum Ground Stake / ABS plastic mounting plate
Cord Length: 20 ft

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