Strengthen your hair with this shampoo and conditioner set. Breakable, brittle ends can be a thing of your past with this fortifying set that restores your hair with moisture, so you can enjoy shiny, luscious locks once again.

More is Better:

Pure Proprietary Herbal Blend Shampoo and Conditioner Set: Our extra strength hair growth shampoo and conditioner set promotes healthy, thick, and full hair. Stimulates healthy new hair growth as it hydrates and rejuvenates hair.
Superior Formula: Our tea tree, coconut, and vanilla scented growth therapy shampoo and conditioner set is carefully formulated with the highest quality Grade A ingredients to produce the finest and safest hair cleansing and conditioning agents. Gold Standard Scientific Formula, extra strength formula contains high concentrations of the most powerful active ingredients. Our unique conditioning formula is SLS (sulfate) & paraben free, making it safe and sustainable for all hair types.
Treat and Moisturize: Tea tree oil is popular for its germicidal, fungicidal, and antiseptic benefits. It heals itchiness of the scalp and treats the most common hair problems such as dryness, split ends, frizzy hair, brittle hair & volume while gently conditioning, leaving you with the silky, shiny, and easy-to-manage hair. PURE tea tree, coconut, and vanilla shampoo and conditioner are also safe for color treated hair (sulfate free).
Healthier Hair: Grow longer, thicker, healthier and more luscious hair. Salon shampoo and conditioner at home!

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