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The Grate Spatula solves a common problem faced by every griller… meat sticking to the grill when you go to flip. The crusty texture and intense flavor of grilled meats is a result of the Maillard Reaction. This occurs at high temperatures when the sugars and proteins in foods are reduced. This handy spatula lets you smash your meat for intense flavor. The perfect grilling companion.

More is Better:

The built-in “teeth” at the end of the spatula glide right under food to prevent tearing
Turn the spatula over and it doubles as a grill scraper for easy clean-up
Its stout, the longer handle is a safety feature to avoid burns
Three spoon-like dips are built into the spatula for scooping up marinades for basting
A bottle opener is included in the hang hole of the handle
Top shelf dishwasher safe
16” x 4” x 1”

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