Our 4ft tracking leash provides an excellent custom fit and unmatched durability. This rugged, well-made leash will hold up to the most punishing use year after year. Even young, active dogs can be easily controlled with this premium leash that is perfect for walks, runs, tracking, and training.

More is Better:

Simple and Easy to Use: Ultimate dog leash for walking, running, and training. Provides excellent durability and performance for even the most energetic dogs. The length is just right at 4 ft long.
More Control: Use the handle to keep your dog under control and pull the dog back when necessary. The heavy-duty steel clasp won’t let go giving you secure and safe control over your dog. Easy to operate with just one hand.
Comfortable and Stylish: This very sturdy, comfortable leash helps create a tighter bond and relationship between you and your dog. Notice how excited your dog gets when he or she sees the leash!
Comes in Different Colors: Make sure that your dog’s personality also matches with the color of their collar
Tough, Rugged Material: Wears well and holds up through use after use. This will quickly become your dogs favorite leash. Its strong yet soft so as to not irritate your’s or your dog’s skin.
High-quality. 6-month warranty, 100% Money Back Guarantee. Comes in Blue/Yellow, Black/Orange, Black/Pink, Black/Red, and Black/Yellow.

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