BRAND NEW! GOODBYE HEADBAND HEADACHES: Picture yourself running your a marathon: Everything is going great until you feel a headache coming on! Be ahead of the game with our headband. Because this athletic headband is made from top quality fabrics youll be able to wear it for long periods of time without suffering from one of those headband headaches. This is great for you because youll be able to perform your very best without any pain altering or prohibiting your athletic performance!

WEAR ANY SIZE ANY SEASON: If youve been looking for a multi-style, multi-season athletic womens headband, then your search is over! Thats because our womens headband is made of breathable, warm material, so you can stay hot in the winter and cool in the summer! Not only that, but its multi-functional style guarantees an array of different wearing options!

A FRESH APPROACH TO NO MORE SWEAT: The problem with other athletic headbands is they retain all of your sweat! Our womens headband solves that problem! Why? Thats because our sports fitness headband has sweat wicking materials, which means that youll have sweat flying off of your face rather than into your eyes. Never suffer a smelly soaked athletic headband again!

A FRESH APPROACH! MAKES FOR THE PERFECT GIFT: Our sweatband set comes in a pack of 10 and is one size fits all. That means you have a ton of color options to choose from and you wont have to worry about it not matching! With all of its versatility this is the perfect gift for that athlete you just never know what to buy for! Comes with 10 colors, so you can coordinate with any outfit!

Dimensions: 1.97 inches (H) x 4.33 inches (W) x 6.7 inches (L)
Weight: 4.16 ounces
Made in United States

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