Heading back-to-school can be a drag. Not only does it mean the end of summer, it means back-to-school shopping. We may not be able to help the end of the summer part, but we most certainly can help with the back-to-school part. Check out our universal 24-pack school supply kit. Perfect for students in grades K-12.

More is Better:

4 Double Pocket Folders (Assorted Colors)
2 One Subject Spiral Notebooks (Assorted Colors)
1 Composition Notebook
1 Pencil Pouch (Assorted Colors)
1 12 Inch Rulers (Assorted Colors)
1 Pack Of 4 Pens (Blue & Black Pens)
1 Pack Of 4 Colored Pencils
1 Pack Of 4 Pencils
1 Blunt Tip Scissors
4 Erasers
2 Glue Sticks
1 Pack of 5 Crayons
1 Dome Sharpener (Assorted Colors)
3 Highlighters (Assorted Colors)

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